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Harry Dean Stanton

Can't keep a good man down

MMDE: Harry Dean Stanton died around 2012

Current: Harry Dean Stanton died around 2017

Harry Dean Stanton was reported to have died aged 91 on 15th Septemeber 2017. To many people however, this came as a shock since they thought he'd died a few years before that, with the consensus being 2012. Are they experiencing a collective false memory?

His career spanned 60 years, ranging from Cool Hand Luke in 1967 right up to Lucky in 2017. Most sci-fi fans will remember his as the first kill by the adult xenomorph in the first Alien film, but in fact he spent many years as a bit actor before making it big in his own right.

Few people realised he was a World War 2 veteran, having served in the US Navy in the Battle of Okinawa. Surviving that, and aliens, shows the stuff he was made of.