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George W Bush

There was no assassination attempt on George Bush in 2005

There was an assassination attempt on George Bush in 2005

George W Bush Assassination attempt, 2005?

Did you know that in 2006, a man in Georgia threw a live hand grenade toward his podium in a rally in Georgia, formerly the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic?

So many are surprised by this that they are pointing to it as the type of Mandela Effect where some fact suddenly seems to "appear from nowhere" which, by it's nature, should be much wider known. Clearly an assassination attempt on a US President fits that description.

CNN reported that the perpetrator, Vladimir Arutinian of Tbilis, also tried to assassinate his own president, Mikhail Saakashvili, who was with Bush at the time. Two months later he killed a police officer.

Three attempts

There were actually three attempt to assasinate George W Bush whilst he was in office. The first was in 2001 at the White House when a gunman fired shots into the White House. Robert Pickett did this on 7th February, 2001 and was sentenced to three years in prison.

The second was during the events of 9/11 when United Airines Flight 93 was hijacked and the intended target was the White House. In the end, President Bush was not present there, and the passengers overwhelmed the hijackers anyway cusing it to crash land 65 miles outside of Pittspurgh.


The grenade Arutinian threw towards Bush and Saakashvili failed to detonate, but it was proven later that it was indeed live and could have easily killed both men and others present.

Sewn Mouth

There were bizarre scenes at the trial of Vladimir Arutinian when he appeared in court with his mouth sewn shut. He was also convicted of killing a police officer two months after the assassination attempt. He was sentenced to life in prison.