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Elisa Lam

 When Elisa Lam was found, the hatch to the water tank was closed

When Elisa Lam was found, the hatch to the water tank was open

Elisa Lam: Found dead in a hotel water tank

The tragic story of Elisa Lams' death is still a huge mystery today.

She was the Canadian student who was found in a hotel's water tank in 2013 after being dead in there for some time. The disturbing thing is the guests had been complaining of the water being discoloured and smelling off, which prompted the hotel staff to investigate the tanks and find her body in one.

Many people remember it being widely reported at the time that the hatch was closed from the outside, which would have been impossible for a single person to do once inside. The Mandela Effect they are experiencing now is that it is being reported as being open when she was found, and apparently has always been reported that way.


The discovery of the body wasn't the only weird thing about this case.

A video of Elisa was taken from inside the hotel elevator showing her acting very strangely, at times hiding from something unseen, at others making bizarre hand gestures and movements.


It's even a mystery regarding how she got access to the tanks on the roof, because they were behind two locked doors which were alarmed.