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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger died in 2016

Henry Kissinger did not die in 2016

Henry Kissinger

Some people remember Henry Kissinger dying in 2016. Like the Mandela Effect itself, the fact he lived beyond that date doesn't seem to erase the memories of those who remember his death.

People who remember his death in 2016 also immediately acknowledge he lived beyond that date. It's almost as if there's a dual memory, which logically is totally impossible, but unshakeable nevertheless.

Kissinger was a controversial figure to say the least. What is not in doubt is his influence in all the US foreign conflicts since Vietnam, ranging from when he was National Security Advisor to President Nixon right through working with President Trump in the Afghanistan conflict.

Fled the Nazis, then ended up chasing them

Kissinger was a Jew born in Germany in 1923. His family fled persecution to the US in 1938, and he was drafted into the US Army in 1943. When the war ended, he was in charge of the De-Nazification of various German suburbs - a position which gave him absolute power over the local population at the time. he could have anyone arrested, but is said to have taken great care not to be seen to abuse the powers invested in him at the time.


Anyone intimately involved in so much conflict cannot escape controversy, and there are many today who would wish Kissinger dead. He's still active on the global political scene, most recently in Chinese-US diplomacy even if he is acting largely as a figure head in that role.

Celebrity death rumours and hoaxes are so prevalent on the internet that there is actually a site dedicated to showing, well, if someone in the public eye is alive or not. You can check the status of Henry Kissinger there at any time., but of course when we're talking about the Mandela Effect all sources are questionable ;-)