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Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee died after being shot on set

Bruce Lee died in his sleep 

Bruce Lee died the same way as Brandon?

There is much mystery surrounding the untimely death of Bruce Lee in 1973.

Some remember him taking a headache tablet, going for a lie down to sleep it off and never waking up. Others remember reports of cannabis being found in his body after the autopsy. Some, however, remember him being shot on set and dying from this injury, which is a macabre co-incidence because that's the way his son, Brandon Lee, died 20 years later. There are no reports of this today - are they experiencing false memories?

As time went by this could be just people not really paying attention to the names and details, so confusing Bruce/Brandon.

He died during the filming of "Game of Death", where there is a scene where he gets shot - could this have added to this MMDE too?

The Crow

Brandon died whilst filming The Crow in  1993, aged 28. Many saw parallels with his father's death, since both were young action actors who died in the middle of their film career. Brandon's death was caused by a gun intended as a prop, which had accidentally been left with a real bullets which had had their gunpowder removed stuck in the barrel from earlier. When it was loaded with blanks for the scene, firing it sent this stuck bullet out the same way a real one would have done. It hit him directly in the stomach and he died later in hospital.

What is especially troubling is there is a scene in Bruce Lee's Game of Death where actors are being told the cartridges he is handing out to them all are blanks, but they must aim upwards since there is a plug in which could injure someone. In the story, there is an assassin who puts a real bullet in one of the guns.

It's more than likely these two stories became conflated in people's memories, so the story changed into one where both actors died the same way.