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Billy Graham

Billy Graham's funeral was shown on TV many years before 2018

Billy Graham's funeral was not shown on TV many years before 2018

Billy Graham "died" twice before 2018?

There are many MMDE's relating to people who are supposed to have died years ago. The famous TV evangelical preacher, Billy Graham, is very well known to Americans and further afield across the world. Some people remember him dying way before 2016 before they heade he actually died in 2016. Then, they became seriously confused in 2018 when they heard he died again.

There are those who swear they watched his pre-2016 funeral on TV, and can remember every detail such as what channel it was on, which ex-Presidents attended and so on. This MMDE is very prevalent - in some ways more than the Mandela Effect. It is even detailed that he died a few weeks after Ted Kennedy. Many people swear they remember his funeral, yet know full well Nelson Mandela didn't die in the 1980's in prison.

Billy Graham was still giving sermons into his 90's, so he'd certainly have had something to say about those who say he was dead when he was giving them.


It's very confusing to keep up with this Mandela Effect, because it already was one before his "final" funeral in 2018. Known as an animated Christian evangelist, he achieved prominence in the 1940's where he gave TV sermons seen by millions. He also ran "Crusades" seen annually from 1947 until he retired in 2005. He's famous for providing spiritual guidance for every president from Truman to Obama.

When there is already a well-known Mandela Effect regarding a celebrity death, and that celebrity dies, it will always be confusing because those who heard the death are being told the first report was false, so question the latest one. When it's a case such as this, i.e. there are already two reports separated by several years, one can only wonder if there will be another one...