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The 6 Village People

There were 5

There were 6

And then there were 6

How many Village People were there, and for bonus points can you name them? Well, their characters anyway. Did that include "Army Man"? Many people are suprised to find there are 6, since they were sure there were only 5 - are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

Most people only remember the YMCA song and all its gyrations they perform at drunken weddings and parties. Some would even say there are only 4 members, just because of this song.

Also, there have been several line up changes over the years, so this could be causing confusion regarding the actual member count and character list.


The Village People has a string of massive hits in the 1970's and 1980's including Macho Man, Go West and Y.M.C.A. They continue to perform and tour, and had their first top 20 hit in December 2019 for 40 years. When the band actually do perform Y.M.C.A., they don't do the famous "spelling" dance and instead let their audience soak up the limelight.

Those that do remember Army Man always say he was black. Some remember him singing a solo at some of their concerts.The members each dress as a police officer, an American Indian chief, a construction worker, a member of the military, a leatherman (biker), and a cowboy; after the release of "In the Navy", both Victor Willis and Alex Briley appeared temporarily as sailors. Officially, there was no "Army Man".

Sadly, Henri Belolo, who co-founded the Village People, died aged 82 in Aug 2019

Can't Stop the Music

There was a movie made in 1980 which is intended to be a nod to the Village People's origin story, but it was a flop and even won Razzle Awards for worst Screenplay and Worst Picture.


The YouTuber MoneyBags73 covered the Village People Mandela Effect: