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Sweet Home Alabama

No person, just a feel good song

Neil Young

What's it about?

Most people know the catchy riff from the famous 1974 Lynyrd Skynyrd track "Sweet Home Alabama", but many are suprised to find out what it's actually about.

Those that don't really know usually respond with some answer about a feel-good homecoming kind of vibe. When they are told it's a dig at Neil Young, who's name is explicity mentioned in the lyrics, they are so suprised that it's being called a Mandela Effect.

There are other examples of this type of Mandela Effect, i.e. something in plain sight comes as news to many people - an example is the Razzle Dazzle ships.

For the record, the animosity was cleared up at the time and Neil Young actually paid tribute to them

Neil Young

Neil Young had recorded "Southern Man" and "Alabama", which Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote the track as a response to.

For those unaware, having this jump out at them with something so familiar is often an interesting experience:

Well, I heard Mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don't need him around anyhow