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Ends with "... of the world"

Does not end with "... of the world"

Was that line always there at the end?

Many people remember the ending of the famous Queen song "We are the champions" as "...of the world".

Video of Queen singing this line live does exist, but today you'll not find it on any of their records, and it apparently never was. It's not that the line isn't in the song at all, because that's how a few renditions of the chorus ends during it.

The controversy is the fact it seems to stop abruptly where it would naturally appear again, right at the end of the song.

Hardcore Queen fans are claiming it never was there at the end, but those saying it is a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are saying they are just experiencing a timeline in which that was the case, as would be the answer if you spoke to the original studio engineers.

Greatest hits 1981

Having heard the controversy around this, some are saying they were aware of the truncated ending in the original single, but it did have the full line on the version of the 1981 Greatest Hits album. The problem with that is, copies of it today still have the shortened version.

Another theory concerns a deliberately truncated one for radio DJ's, so they didn't have to use their faders when playing back-to-back Queen hits, which most people agree is a little far fetched.

Here are the lyrics as printed on the sleeve of the original 1977 "News of the world" album. The version on that does NOT have the full ending, even though it appears so:

we are the champions lyrics 345 773

This Mandela Effect has become one of the better known ones. Most are assuming becasue it's sung in the middle of the song, our minds have assumed it's also sung at the end without actually paying attention to it,