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Snow White

"Saw him standing there by the record machine"

"Saw him dancing there by the record machine"

I love Rock n Roll

Joan Jett's cover of The Arrows 1975 track "I love Rock N Roll" is the one most remember, and probably don't realise the lyrics were suitably swapped around on account of their version being sung by a woman.

Fans are now saying that's not the only lyric change, and one in particular is causing them to point to the Mandela Effect as an explanation because there's no evidence it was originally the way they remember.

"I saw him standing there by the record machine...." is the way they remember it, but it's now "I saw him dancing there... ".

The other Mandela Effect around 'I Love Rock and Roll'

Many people are also saying they remember the original video being in black and white, but there's a good explanation for it being seen in color today. Joan didn't like the way her red leather jumpsuit stood out, so insisted it was all changed to black and white at the time. MTV played this version constantly as it was just around the time they were starting up. Now, after considerable time has passed, the color cut has made it's way to YouTube etc.