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Mamas and Papas

I got down on my knees and ... 

MMDE: I began to pray

Current: I pretend to pray

Many people remember the classic Mama's & Papa's 60's hit California Dreamin' as having the line 'Well I got down on my knees and I began to pray'. This isn't how it is today, however - it's 'I pretend to pray'.

Often called "The sound of the 60's", the song wasn't originally recorded by The Mamas & the Papas, but was certainly made famous by them. Representing free spirits, love and the hippy beat culture, it's actually an unlikely one to have become so prominent considering it's lyrics are really only about someone cold thinking of being warm again.

Went Gold

In 1966 the record went gold, and it was induced in the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2001.