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Karate Kid

Lower red rising sun

Central black circle

The bandanna pattern changed?

Many people, who are unfamiliar with this Mandela Effect, when asked if they remember the pattern on the headband of the Karate Kid in the 1984 movie, describe a red rising sun on a white background, i.e. a half circle with "rays" coming from it. That's not how it appears today, where all references show it to be a black circle with black lines flowing out from it due to it being the zoomed in center part from a stylized lotus flower.

This isn't the first bandanna-related false memory - what Bruce Springsteen had in his back pocket on the cover of "Born in the USA" is another.

The most famous scene in the movie was the "crane kick", where Daniel delivered his winning blow to Johnny, whilst wearing his iconic headband. But what was the pattern on it?

Some remember blue, too

There are quite a few references to the headband, since the movie was a great success. It's a popular fancy-dress outfit, for example, so you'd have thought the people behind these would get the headband right.

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However, even though a small number do show the red rising sun, others show blue flowers, stripes etc so objectively the red sun is just there as much as a random choice as the rest.