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The Bare Necessities

I couldn't be fonder of my big home

I couldn't be found of my big home

The Bare Necessities: "I couldn't be ____ of my big home"

The famous Jungle Book Disney movie from 1967 featured many memorable songs, arguably the most stand-out being "The Bare Necessities". There's a Mandela Effect around a line in it though:

Wherever I wander, wherever I roam
I couldn't be fonder of my big home

That's the way it's currently printed when you Google "bare necessities official lyrics". Yet listening to the original, it's clearly, even deliberately, sung as "I couldn't be found of my big home". Go ahead - it's at the 23 second mark here. The emphasis is very odd because it no longer rhymes, and of course turns the line into nonsense compared to the way everyone remembers it being before.

Walt Disney's last movie

Unfortunately Walt Disney died during the production of the movie, which was a smash hit based on Rudyard Kiplings book. It's a much more upbeat story than the darker one in the novel, which he insisted on in order to better appeal to children.

Watch out for accents

Since this originally came up, there's been a great deal of discussion regarding accents. The word "fonder" in a British accent rhymes perfectly with "wander", as it does for many in other countries too. However, for many Americans it doesn't, and rhymes more with "powder". So this is especially a problem when seeing it written down, because to British ears it's dead wrong, but when they write it down and claim he's saying "found", the non-British will say that's correct but he's just missing the end of the word.

To some, this jumps out so strikingly they are sure they would have noticed first time round, so claim it's changed in any case manking it a valid Mandela Effect. And there are quite a lot who think this is the case.