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What did Winston Wolfe's car plate show?

There's a distinctive shot in Quentin Tarantinos "Pulp Fiction" at the end when the registration plate of Winston Wolfe, the mob's "Mr. Fixit", is shown as he drives away in his sports car.

Many people remember it being a vanity plate which read "MRWOLF", yet the movie today shows it as a typical random combination of no significance: "3ABM581".

People are convinced this is a Mandela Effect and say it doesn't make sense to be the way it is today, suggesting the shot is deliberate to emphasise his name, it's in keeping with Winstons character, plus the car was an expensive sports car of the kind where vanity plates are the norm.

UK Car insurance advert

Something which could have triggered this is a recent advert for a UK car insurance company which features Harvey Keitel in his Mr. Wolfe character. He's seen getting into his car which does feature a custom plate, but it shows the insurance company's name rather than his own. This has only served to reinforce the idea it was his name in the film, as most other aspects of his character are imitated in the advert.


There's more. According the IMDB trivia on Pulp Fiction:

The Wolf's license plate number, "3ABM581," is an anagram. If you treat digits as letters, like in passwords ("3" as "E," "5" as "S," "8" as two "O's," and "1" as "L"), then you have "EABMSOOL," an anagram for "Esma Lobo," which is an abbreviation for Butch Coolidge's taxi driver's name, Esmarelda Villalobos.

Classic movie

Check for yourself - here's the movie:

And here's the UK car insurance advert: