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How did Indiana Jones hat look?

MMDE: Regular Fedora

Current: Fedora as tall as a top hat

The YouTuber Mandela Affected posted a video where he was struck by how different the hat which Harrison Ford wore in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" looked. This was picked up by MoneyBags73 and has since hit many people, who also see the current hat as one which is very different to the one they remember.

The current one is brown and shaped at the bottom like a fedora, but overall the same size as a top hat more fitting to a wedding or funeral.

Since the movie is so famous, there are many images of the hat around the internet, but they all show this strange elongation which jumps out so much at those who remember it being a regular fedora.


Someone uploaded a photoshopped image to imgur showing how different they are today to the way they are remembered:


Mandela Affected

Heres the original video describing the difference:


Many people were shocked to see such a big change: