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Scary Movie

Seeing different

MMDE: I see white people

Current: I see dead people

Some claim that the scene in the original Scary Movie, which lampooned The 6th Sense, had the line "I see white people", whereas now it's seen as "I see dead people". Is this a false memory, or was it really this way originally?

It must be said, "I see dead people" just doesn't make sense. Not only is it the exact line from the film it is parodying, but the black dude saying it just isn't funny the way "white people" is, or would be.

Could this be a case of political correctness changing the past after the event?

In the trailer

Many people definitely recall this being in the trailer but suspect it was dropped from the main movie. These days, anything remotely racist will come under increased scrutiny - even obvious comedy such as this.

Also, it's said in Undercover Brother - perhaps this is causing some of this confusion?