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Frankensteins bolts

Neck bolts

Neck electrodes

A pain in the neck either way

Some people swear the depiction of Frankensteins' monster used to have bolts in his neck, with large, clear nuts protruding out at either side, whereas now he has electrodes.

There is some confusion - Hermann Munster clearly always had bolts, but that character was intended as a parody so any deviations are only relevant in the sense the image in peoples minds could become conflated.

The story also leads to them being electrodes because the whole point is that a reconstructed corpse is brought to life by electricity, or specifically lightning, so there presumably had to be somewhere to connect the current.

At least this isn't a Berenstain-type alternative memory where people remember the name being spelt as Frankenstien - yet! 

Shelley's masterpiece

You can read the full text of Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus, online. You'll find there are no references to either neck bolts or electrodes there.

Mary Shelley started the novel when she was 18, and when the first edition was published, at age 20, it was done anonymously. She was credited fully from the second edition onwards. She said the full story came to her in a dream.