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Deer Hunter

Title change

MMDE: Deer Hunter

Current: The Deer Hunter

To some, dropping or adding a "the" in front of a movie title may seem trivial, but to those experiencing the Mandela Effect it is very significant.

The famous 1979 Vietnam war movie is seen everywhere today as "The Deer Hunter", but some remember it as just "Deer Hunter" and there's a fair amount of residue showing this to be the case. 

Dropping "The" from a title, or even adding it, has been causing confusion for many years now, and isn't restricted to movie titles. Bands such as "The" Velvet Underground and "The" Eagles are examples.


The film won five Academy Awards and was named the 53rd greatest movie of all time by The American Film institute. So you'd have thought they'd all get the name right, but still this isn't the case.