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Cats vs Dogs

The 2001 movie where cats fought dogs was called...?

MMDE: Cats vs Dogs

Current: Cats & Dogs

It is an epic battle that has been fought for thousands of years.

Brought to the big screen in 2001, the legendary tale of the ongoing war between otherwise cute-looking cats, and their friendly-looking (but that might be just an act) dogs was made into a movie, which saw a sequel in 2010.

Many remember the movie Cats vs Dogs, which showed just how much is going on in this battle which we mere humans are totally unaware of. The problem? That movie never existed.

The movie everyone is thinking of is called "Cats & Dogs", but it's remarkable how many are sure they see the "vs" in  mental image when they conjure up the movie poster.


There was a well known YouTube video called Cats vs Dogs, which might explain it. The movie recieved neither good nor bad reviews when released, with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 53%. Charlton Heston, who provided the voice of The Mastiff, was the recipient of the got 2001 Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor for this and two other films that year.

Also the story is totally based on the rivalry between them, so "vs" would reflect that far better than "&".