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WTC Marriot Hotel

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WTC Marriot Hotel

9/11: There was a hotel at the foot of the twin towers

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the attack on the World Trade Center in September, 2001.

Some of these are being pointed to as Mandela Effects, such as the appearance of the towers themselves changing with either vertical or horizontal lines appearing on photographs which some do not remember being there before.

A new one in this regard is what was at the foot of the towers. Clearly visible in many photographs and videos before the attack, as well as a great deal of eyewitness accounts from those who stayed and worked there, is a hotel - The Marriot. Some people, however, are certain there was no hotel there and are calling this another 9/11 Mandela Effect.

Whilst it sounds impossible that an entire hotel in such a prominent place can "suddenly" appear from nowhere, believers are saying, well, that's just how the ME works.

Originally the "Vista" Hotel

After the 1993 attack, the hotel was renamed from the Vista to the Marriot.

One reason for the confusion is that fact the hotel was apparently so low it was obscured by the higher surrounding buildings (not just the towers themselves). This meant there would have been many, many classic photographs and videos of the towers, from all angles, but the hotel would have been largely obscured not matter which way you looked from a distance. Then, when news of it's destruction came out, people would have a hard time finding photographs of it, starting the idea that it could be a Mandela Effect.

Wikipedia has it as the first hotel to open on Lower Manhatten since 1836, and it was connected to both the North and South towers. Infact it was commonly used as a way for people to get from one tower to the other.