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In line with Orion?

Many people remember the layout of the Pyramids to be in the same pattern as the Orion constellation, with the two larger ones being offset slightly by the smaller one, the same way the stars appear. However, not only does that not seem to be the case any more but some are claiming the two largest ones have swapped places from the positions they recall. Is this the largest man made object to be affected Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

Many people remember the central pyramid to be the largest one, and point to it's name as "The Great Pyramid" as reflecting that. Even more confusingly, some are claiming the Sphinx has moved from how they remember. 


The Great Pyramid (Khufu) was built in 2670 BC over a 10 to 20 year period. It was the tallest man made object in the world for over 3,800 years - right until Lincoln Cathedral was built in England in 1311 AD.