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USS Akron

Worst airship disaster in history

MMDE: Hindenburg

Current: USS Akron

Ask anyone what was the worst airship disaster in history and they'll most likely say the Hindenburg.

Not only is this incorrect, but chances are they've never even heard of the actual one, which was the USS Akron 4 years earlier.

Operating between September 1931 and April 1933, this was the world's first purpose built flying aircraft carrier. F93 Sparrowhawk fighter planes could actually land and take off from her, albeit in a highly unconventional way, whilst she was in flight.

During a thunderstorm in April 1933, the Akron was destroyed killing 73. By contrast, 36 died in the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. Both ocurred over US soil, although the Hindenburg was a German passenger aircraft.

Could the fact no-one seems to recall the worst of these two be connected with the fact the Hindenburg crash was filmed, and the famous "Oh! The humanity!" footage has been seen many times since, so is ingrained in the public consciousness?


Ironically there is footage of an accident with the Akron, but not the one which destroyed it: