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Status of Liberty's gold torch

Smooth, rounded, symmetrical pointing straight up

Sharp, unbalanced with flames pointing to the side

What shape is the flame on the torch?

People have noticed something different about the flame in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

At first, they couldn't quite place it, but when asked to draw it they drew the torch as having a flame which pointed straight up. It was only when the way it appears today was shown to them that the realised they are experiencing an MMDE, because the flame is unbalanced, with a "finger" shape pointing off to the side.

The torch was replaced in 1986 and is covered in 24K gold.

Torch Cam!

The torch has a live camera attached - check it out! The camera is particularly special because the public are not allowed to go where it it, right up at the torch itself.


Old photographs showing the torch arriving (it was the first part to arrive) don't seem to dissuade those experiencing this MMDE.

statue of liberty torch arrive 640x508

Dual memory

Many people experiencing the Mandela Effect describe a dual memory. This is where they are perfectly aware of the absurdity of something in the past being different to how it's seen today, but nevertheless are sure they have memories of both situations.

Mandela Effected

Here's MA's take on this: