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Wall St crash

How many deaths?

MMDE: Hundreds

Current: None

It happened just before the Great Depression. Starting in the summer of 1929, and slowly gathering momentum to reach a peak in October, it became known as the Wall Street crash. Peaking on Black Thursday - October 24th, 1929, stories of ruined traders jumping out of the windows to their death have widely circulated since, but how accurate is this?

It tuns out not only were they wrong, they were completely wrong and no-one died that way on the day, although there were stories of suicides by other means following Black Thursday.

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith wrote in The Great Crash of 1929:

In the United States the suicide wave that followed the stock market crash is also part of the legend of 1929. In fact, there was none.

Winston Churchill

There's even a darkly comical story about it. Winston Churchill wrote about his visit to New York at the time when a workman was enjoying a cigarette 400 feet about the streets, on a girder protruding from an unfinished building. The crowds thought he was on of the suicidal stockbrokers, and were waiting to see how things played out.