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Serving US Presidents shot and killed

Where were you when you didn't hear about it?

MMDE: 2 serving presidents shot and killed

Current: 4 serving presidents shot and killed

Ask people how many US Presidents have been shot and killed whilst in office and most people will respond with 2 - Lincoln and Kennedy. Some remember Reagan being shot but he wasn't killed.

They might be experiencing a Mandela Effect, however, because the records today showing it was 4 comes as more than just a suprise - they are sure they would have heard this before. As with many other Mandela Effects, it's more than just happening to miss this fact their entire life - it's as if it changed for them suddenly.

Worth noting is the well-known list of co-incidences with the Lincoln and Kennedy assasinations - but that's for another time!

More than 30 attempts

The four killed by gunshot whilst in office are:

  • Abraham Lincoln (16th President)
  • James A Garfield (20th President)
  • William McKinley (25th President)
  • John F Kennedy (35th President)
The question of how many serving Presidents were shot and killed is clear, however the number of attempts is also suprising - currently over 30.