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Mind the gap

MMDE: No gap between the V and W

Current: A gap between the V and W

The VW logo is very familiar to most people, but when you look closely today you see there is a small gap between the upper V and the lower W. This might seem insignificant, but some are convinced there was once no gap and believe this is more than a false memory.

Long term VW fans are also caught out with this, from Beetle-owning enthusiasts to Beastie Boys/Hip Hop fans who took to wearing them round their necks for a while.

As if things couldn't get more complicated, there's an MMDE concerning the Back to the Future van where some remember it as a Toyota. Now, it appears as a VW camper and some are claiming the logo in that movie has flip-flopped between having no gap and having one.

Can Google help?

When you search online for this you do find some images and references to the version with no gap, but most have one.