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Laughing cow has gold ear-rings

Laughing cow has cheese packets for ear-rings

She's back!

In a bizarre twist to the existing Mandela Effect regarding her nose ring, it turns out some are reporting - and have done so actually in the original report - that the famous laughing cow from the cheese brand had golden earrings. Now all that is seen are the little trademark cheese packets.

This might not be such a big deal, except for them being specifically mentioned in the original Reddit thread

"She has earrings with visible rings, which can be confusing when trying to remember her appearance". The post identifying the new change also shows how they were referred to as red ear rings and, separately, "dangling, hoop-like ear rings".

La vache qui rit

The French company Fromageries Bel was founded in 1921 and The Laughing Cow is their most famous product. When the cow image firstr appeared, she was not laughing, she was red and significantly, she was not wearing any ear rings. It's most popular as a children's snack because of it's convenience of being added to a lunch box.

The image in the ear-rings is supposed to be of the entire circular box itself, i.e. it is recursive. In art, this is known as the Droste effect, which derived it's name from a Dutch cocoa with the same name, which first used the technique.

Here's how the image changed over time:

laughing cow logo history 480x520

Ever changing jewellery

The Mandela Effect has been around long enough for this kind of thing to happen, i.e. the original reports themselves describe a situation which can then go on to change later. This makes keeping up with them even more challenging than it is already. There are also many people who are surprised to hear the cow is wearing any ear rings at all.