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Is there a star on the crown of the Starbucks siren?

MMDE: The Starbucks siren's crown has no star

Current: The Starbucks siren's crown has a star

Most people are familiar with Starbucks and the famous siren in their logo, but when asked couldn't remember, without looking or being already aware of this, if there was a star in the crown the siren is wearing.

The history of the logo is very well documented, and all references today show it always had one. Yet there are some who swear it didn't used to, which means it's being described as a Mandela Effect.

Starbucks has outlets on 6 continents and in 76 countries, with a total of 27,340 locations.


The name "Starbucks" comes from the name of the first mate in Moby Dick, and the sailor/sea theme has been with Starbucks from it's inception.

The logo is from an old sixteenth-century Norse woodcut showing a siren with two tails.

Here's the one with the star in the crown which was used until 2011:

starbucks star 300x300

The logo has been through several designs, with the current being different because it has no wording. Starbucks assume the siren alone, in her trademark styling, is enough for consumers to recognise them by.