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Black tip on tail

No black tip on tail

No colored tip anymore

Pikachu is often shown with either a red or black tip on his tail, but the official images of him today show this missing.

This Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect instance might well be the record for the number actual examples of the "incorrect" version available today. There are hundreds of examples just an internet search away, yet the Wikipedia official page shows no sign of this.

Small details like this may seem unimporant, but they serve as a great way to illustrate quickly what all the fuss is about. So many people grew up with the charaacter and remember drawing him, so for them this is a kind of childhood memory which suddenly jolted their reality.

There are some die-hard Pikachu fans who grew up drawing him and remember a plain tail - so where did the colored one come from and why is it so widespread? 

Tail has no black tip

Unless they have been altered to this alrteady, most people if asked think he has the black tip, especially if they see the image with it on. They desribe the bare one as "just looking wrong".