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Duracell Bunny

An epic battle of the bunnies

This is an unusual Mandela Effect in the sense that there is solid evidence for both, yet no-one seems to remember the Duracell bunny which actually came first. In fact it should be remembered much more - for example it was on the kit of the English football club Blackburn Rovers when they won the English Premiership title.

It turns out things got very nasty from a legal point of view when Duracell let the trademark lapse and Energizer picked it up, launching their own very similar version. After running with it for a few years they even ended up launching a trademark against Duracell!

All this serves as background to complicate things for the humble ordinary battery user, who if asked today, and is unaware of this Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, would remember the Energizer bunny but be surprised to hear there was a Duracell one too.


The Energizer bunny looks intentionally very different to the Duracell one. He wears shades, his ears are far bigger and he's mostly pink.

energizer bunny

This is an unusual Mandela Effect, if there is one there at all, because it seems more like a legal battle with as much evidence today for both sides. The Mandela Effect is apparently that that some people remember only the Energizer bunny and claim the Duracell one has "suddenly popped out of nowhere".

The drumming theme is also a bone of contention between the two brands. Originally, the Duracell bunny was one of many toys drumming on battery power, until all the others stopped leaving him alone still going. Later, when the Energizer bunny started advertising, he was deliberately seen holding a huge drum. Duracell were certain this would only serve to confuse the target audience into thinking the new mascot was advertising their product.

The Duracell adverts are still going strong, with the latest incarnation finally gaining the ability to speak after 40 years.