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Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby

Destruction Derby

The famous 90's PlayStation 1 car wrecking game was called...?

Many folks of a certain vintage remember spending far too long in their youths feverishly bashing the heck out of those monster trucks in Demolition Derby, the smash hit on the PS1 from the 90's. The problem? It never existed.

There was a similar game on the same platform called "Destruction Derby", so could we just put this down to a misremembering? Not so fast. Whilst many do, many others swear it really was called Demolition Derby and it has somehow been changed since. Welcome to the Mandela Effect.

The folks who remember it as Demolition Derby get every other details spot on, right down to the names of the cars, the music, the track layouts and developer being Psygnosis and their crazy owl logo, yet insist the name is different.

Destruction Derby

The game was a huge hit when it was released by Pysgnosis in 1995 on all the major platforms available at the time: Playstation, MS-DOS, Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. The compromise between realistic physics and gameplay was judged to be "just right", and enabled the title to have the most number of other cars on screen at one time apart from one other game, Daytona USA.

The Bowl

There were several games modes, but the most popular by far was The Bowl - an arena where all the cars crashed into each other freely until the last surviving one was the winner. How things have moved on - you can even play it online now for free. The game spawned several sequels and imitators such as Flatout and Wreckfest.

] At the launch preview in 1995, it was also called Demolish 'em Derby, which might have contributed to the confusion over that name since this sounds identical to Demolition Derby when spoken aloud. However, this name was dropped by the time of the official launch and since it wasn't used for marketing again, it unlikely to have been a major cause.