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Krispy Kreme

Crispy Creme

Krispy Kreme

A double MMDE!

This is unusual - two Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects with the same brand!

First we have the people claiming it used to be spelt "Crispy Creme" but can't find any reference to that today, even though they swear it once was.

Then we have those who look closely at the logo and read it as "Kuspy Kreme". You can see why when you look at the logo - the typeface does lend itself to this reading. What is different is how it seems to suddenly jump out at people as "wrong", even though it can be shown as always having been that way right back to 1937.

Take at look again at the logo here - can you see "Kuspy Kreme"?

US only until 2001

Whilst Americans have been familiar with the Krispy Kreme brand for decades, they were largely unknown outside the states until their expansion at the start of the 21st century. In the UK, they were totally unknown but now have a presence in most larger towns and cities. The business model is similar to McDonalds - each outlet is a franchise where the parent company does all the marketing and the local franchisee the actual business.

Unfortunately, the company has has an incredibly turbulent time since it's humble beginnings in 1937's New Orleans. It changed hands several times since then, before ultimately going  back into private ownership in 2016. It was constantly plagued by accusations of accounting irregularities, and the franchisee's claimed the company was deliberately perpetrating frauds on them. The company lost moeny in 2004 when the then-chairman famously blamed the Atkins Diet, which was popular at the time, for the decline in sales.

This Mandela Effect is another pronunciation one, and it will particularly affect those who the band is new to, as just described, mainly outside the US.