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Cap'n Crunch

 Captain Crunch

 Cap'n Crunch

How was it spelled?

Here's another one on very shaky ground for the usual branding reasons. The logic is that companies can invest millions into their product branding knowing how valuable the name becomes once it's just a part of the establishment, so are very unlikely to change it without very good reason.

Some people remember the breakfast cereal seen today as "Cap'n Crunch" being spelled out fully as "Captain Crunch". Are they experiencing an MMDE?

The branding was so popular it spawned copycats such as Admiral Ahoy and Sailor Soup, but if they were really wanted to copy more the argument is they would have also used the apostrophe in the same style.

He's been around since 1963 - which way do you remember it?

Double meaning

He's aften been called "Cappin" because of his hat, so the short version of "Cap'n" is another angle to this.

Real Person

Few people realise Captain Crunch was a real person. Captain James Crunch was a slave trader and he was murdered in a brothel in 1792, but that's not mentioned on any of the cereal packets for some reason.

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