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Barbie Girl

Is she in "a" Barbie world or "the" Barbie world?

MMDE: In a Barbie world

Current: In the Barbie world

Misheard lyrics could explain many Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects, including the line from the Barbie Girl song where she sings she is in "a/the" Barbie world.

Technical explanations for this include the slight pronunciation differences the band, Aqua, have being from Norway, autotune being used on the vocals and just a straightforward blurring of the words themselves - try repeating "in a" many times and you could be excused for saying "in the".

Misheard lyrics which could go either way when listened to today are completely different from totally changed lyrics, but still there are some who claim this is the case with our cute little doll friend.

Grown-up figure

Few people realise Barbie actually broke the tradition with dolls. Until then, they had always resembled babies or children, but the story is one day Ruth Handler noticed her daughter would often give the dolls she was playing with adult roles, so created the line with exactly that in mind.