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Oliver Twist

Seconds please

MMDE: Please Sir, can I have some more?

Current: Please Sir, I want some more

When young Oliver Twist went up to Mr. Bumble, bowl in hand, to ask for seconds, what exactly did he say? Most people remember it as 'Please Sir, can I have some more?', but this isn't what is in the book or the movies. It's 'Please Sir, I want some more.' Are all these people with this false memory experiencing an MMDE?

Many also remember it slightly differently as "Please Sir, may I have some more?". 

It's been the subject of parody/satire over the years, with many assuming it's the can/may version. For example, Olivia Twist, the version with a girl as the lead often acted out by schoolchildren at Christmas, has her saying "Please Sir, can I have less?". Whatever he said, Mr. Bumble certainly got the message...