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MMDE: Cinderella's ears are shown often

Current: Cinderella's ears are not shown

Remember Cinderella? Notice anything unusual about her - in particular, her ears? People are claiming they were never shown in the Disney cartoons, right up to the modern-day Wreck-it Ralph movie - which is all CGI.

In fact here ears weren't shown in earlier depictions of Cinderella, but it's was only really picked up since the Disney films, the first being in 1950. 

Cinderela as a story, where the skills and talents of an unknown servant were suddenly brought to light by some wonderful event, can be traced back over 2,000 years.

Covered ears

Charles Robinson's "Cinderella in the Kitchen" from 1900 seem to have contributed to the trend:

cinderella 1 400x640

Lost a slipper?

Anne Anderson painted Cindarella around the 1900's - can you see what the fuss is about?

cinderella 2 487x587

Even when she was in rags, you never saw her ears

Once people notice, it seems more than a co-incidence...