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1984 Julia

Julia was an agent for Big Brother

Julia was not an agent for Big Brother

I love Big Brother

In Orwell's '1984', most people remember Julia as having worked for Big Brother with the Thought Police from the start in order to entrap Winston. That's not the way it reads now, though. How can it have changed?

It isn't in the original novel or the early films, and only one scene in the remake in the year 1984 suggests it, but it does it in way that itself isn't conclusive. It's when Winston is in room 101 and she appears - but he was under such stress he could have been hallucinating.

The idea she was working for Big brother could well come from the fact most most people will have only seen this film version, and that scene is the one they'd remember the most.

In the novel they meet again at the end and she's described as having a new scar across her forehead. Both her and Winston's words and actions, when it's all over and they are brainwashed into loving Big Brother, make it clear she got the same treatment as him.


An aspect of the novel "1984", the very epitome of history-changing scenarios and institutionalised mass deception, having itself changed is enough to make anyone's head spin.