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The Horns of Moses

Do you remember Moses having horns?

MMDE: Art featuring Moses shows he does not have horns

Current: Art featuring Moses shows he has horns

Most art today, such as classical paintings and statues, shows Moses sporting a pair of horns. Not everyone remembers this, and those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect distinctly recall him never having done so, yet when you Google "Moses Horns" you see it apparently has always been the case.

Not all modern day depictions of Moses show him with horns - Charlton Heston would have looked distinctly odd had he done so in his 1956 blockbuster "The Ten Commandments".

There could be a mundane explanation for all this though - one that even Michelangelo himself fell victim too when he sculpted The Moses in 1513.

The problem was mistranslation in the Old Testament of Moses having the Hebrew word "keren", which was meant to mean rays of light, as in a glow, but may have been translated as "horns". The subsequent artists then took this literally...