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Definitely not a Mandela Effect!

This is an example of how rebranding should be done.

There are many reports of people remembering dashes where they aren't seen today, or the other way round such as Kit-Kat, 7Up etc. The concern is always that a business is well aware of how important it's branding is, often investing millions over the years, and so would definitely not tinker with it without good reason. And when they do, they usually make a big splash about it so their customers are in no doubt at all what's going on.

Wal-Mart Stores changed its name legally on 1st Feb 2018 to Walmart. It did this to de-emphasize the "bricks and mortar" feel, following it's response to the phenomenal growth of Amazon and other online stores.

It's been legally known as Wal-mart Stores since 1970, but actually used the branding "Walmart" on it's stores from 2008, so today customers won't notice any change.

However, you can be sure some will still point to them remembering the hyphen as a Mandela Effect. It's a false positive, which is bound to happen once in a while.

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Deep Space 9

Uncanny parallels

There's an episide of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from 1997 which has got the Mandela Effect community buzzing.

It's called "In The Cards" , and the reason for all the fuss is the story not only involves alternate timelines, where characters appear and disappear into reality, but also made a huge alarm bell ring when a device called a "Bajoran Mandala" was mentioned.

This isn't the first time Star Trek has been associated with the Mandela Effect - the most famous one is Kirk never saying "Beam me up, Scotty as well as the one involving Picards Crystal.

At the end of the show, the Mandela Effect is actually described in the form it's understood today, saying that a character had "been inserted into our timeline".

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Stan and Ollie with ads

What you see on the internet might really be different

Technology is fantastic to most people.

Each new invention becomes a marvel aimed solely at making our lives better, easier, happier ... doesn't it? Well, with a little thought it becomes uncomfortably clear that's not always the case. Sometimes new inventions just end up blighting our lives, examples being nuclear bombs, diesel automobiles and reality TV. The internet is generally seen as positive, for as long as it remains neutral, but even then there is scope for skullduggery.

Editing the past

Wherever there are masses of eyeballs, there's scope for the advertisers to worm their way in somehow. Modern TV and movies are produced digitally these days, which makes manipulation far easier as the content can be created specifically with that in mind. Special digital fingerprints can be inserted right there with the footage, an obvious example being subtitles. However, now attention is being turned towards the pre-digital era now we have suitably advanced AI and computer technology which could allow us to engineer in content which wasn't there first time round. And if there's money involved, this can mean only one thing - ads.

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Darth Vader Mask

The alteration is strong in this one

It's one of the most well-known Mandela Effects - the Star Wars scene in which Darth Vader says "No/Luke, I am your father". It's been discussed at length here and on the internet, yet there is something about this one which is different.

In most of the spoken changed movie lines, such as Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Field of Dreams etc, you can see the actors face. So if the current version actually had changed, it would be a more complicated operation because the face movements would have to be altered to match the audio.

The difference with the "Luke/No" one is that you can't see Darth Vaders face! Another where this happens too, but for a different reason, is ET home phone.

Is this suspicious? It would mean anyone altering the video only had to do the audio... 

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Google Trends

What else happened in Sep 2008?

A pattern has been spotted in Google Trends which is of interest to anyone following the Mandela Effect.

In Sep 2008, CERN first fired up the Large Hadron Collider.

A possible connection between CERN and the Mandela Effect has been discussed for some time now, so these findings will only serve to fuel the rumor mill even more.

There are 20 examples shown in the video from Mandela Effect Research which show a pattern which appears to be far from co-incidental.

Starting with Sketchers/Skechers, through Interview with a Vampire, Berenstain Bears, Depends and many others, there is an uncanny spike, peak or trough all taking place at the time the LHC was first turned on. 

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Extra dimension

A small tweak here, an adjustment there...

I saw a post recently on Reddit made by a troll mocking the Mandela Effect. I then committed the cardinal sin - I responded to him by mocking further. My response was "You think that's nuts, what about me - I woke up this morning in a universe where Donald Trump was president!". Childish I know, but a funny thing happened then as I thought about this a little more.

We're all becoming fixated with the trivial when it comes to the ME, as a quick glance at the many documented at Fiona Broome's shows. We focus on lines in movies, brand logo differences etc. And there's always some vague supposed connection with CERN tinkering with reality using their particle accelerators. I've been saying this for a while now, but what if you actually did have a machine which could change something in the past? As you worked with it, you'd need to test it. And you wouldn't want to start big, like killing Hitler before WW2, or you'd risk eliminating yourself from existence. So I reckon you really would make seemingly innocent changes only you were aware of. That way, you'd know the before and after states and be able to refine the process accordingly.

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Nelson Mandela Malcolm X

Gave a speech to children at the end of the movie

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect which gave the phenomenon it's name, namely their memory of him dying in prison in the 1980's, must have missed an awful lot of news relating to him since.

They will swear none of this happened, which is exactly what the Mandela Effect is all about:

{jb_listblack}Nobel Peace Prize in 1993{/jb_listblack}

{jb_listblack}President of South Africa 1994-1999{/jb_listblack}

{jb_listblack}260 awards over 40 years{/jb_listblack}

This also includes an appearance at the end of the 1992 movie "Malcolm X", where he's seen giving a speech to a class of children.