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05 Apr 2020
John Carpenter
18 Feb 2020
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Mr Robot

Operation Berenstain

Keen-eyed Mr Robot fans would have noticed that Season 2 Episode 4 introduced a top secret operation known only as Operation Berernstain. This is a reference to the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect involving the spelling of the Berernstain/Berernstein Bears in the books, and later TV show, from the 60's.

Well known for its gritty realism when it comes to tech matters - just ask any hacker - the show also prides itself on having its finger on the pulse when it comes to whats hot in society generally, and social media in particular. The Mandela Effect is on an upwards trend, so it's no secret such a cool and hip show wants to get in on the action.

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Being an expert "doubles the risk"

In a controversial study, scientists have concluded that there is a much higher likelihood of false memories being implanted if the subject is an expert in the particular field in question.

This counter-intuitive outcome arises when the subject has a stong interest in the topic, which clearly experts will have.

Trials were conducted where 4 incidents were related to the subject, of which 3 were true and one was false. Statistically, it was found significantly more believed the false stories if they were and expert in that field.

The studies were carried out at the University College Dublin by Dr Ciara Green, who said

Increasing scientific and public understanding of the causes of false memory is an important goal, particularly in light of some of the more negative consequences associated with the phenomenon, including faulty eyewitness accounts and the controversies surrounding false memories of traumatic childhood events.