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The Mandela Effect Test

How can you tell if you're affected?

We've put together a test, in the form of a series of random questions, to give you your score on how many of the popular Mandela Effects affect you. 

A score of 0% means you're totally unaffected, so it's as you were. 100% means life must be fun for you because you're completely affected! We find most hover around the 50% mark.

The Mandela Effect quiz is different each time, and can actually change from week to week as new questions are added. The answers are also jumbled up so you can't spot any patterns in the positions.

One thing we had to bear in mind with this was how to handle a question when the user had no idea either way, for example it might relate to a brand/person they've never heard of, or be specific to another country, and so on. If we were to force a guess, the score would have a random element and not be as useful, so each question has the option to "roll me a new question". Choosing this will spin a new one until one appears you're comfortable with.


No right or wrong answers

If you think about it, a test for the Mandela Effect is weird.

We avoid the words "right/wrong" or "correct/incorrect" because the whole point is that some can get different answers but be the ones they experience in their memory. There is a consensus on "alternate" and "current", so these are the terms used, but even so there's still an issue with "flip-flops". This is where for a while the current version becomes the alternate, then swaps back again. All ideas on how to keep up with those are very welcome!

Also, it might seem on the surface these are nothing more than trivia questions. Whilst it's true many of them wouldn't be out of place in such a quiz, there's a big difference here. Every one has been researched and recognised independently and externally as at least a Mandela Effect candidate. Please feel free to use your search engine on any particular entries where you'll find more on them - but only after you've taken the test!

This is why we discourage anyone from taking the test from doing any research first. It's not a test where someone with a higher or lower score than someone else "beat" them. It's just to see how much the reported Mandela Effects affect you.