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Historical Events  Art


MMDE: Blank expression

Current: Smiling

Few paintings can have been studied more throughout history than da Vincis Mona Lisa - "the most famous work of art in the world", according to Wikipedia.

Even her expression has come under intense scrutiny - that enigmatic smile - but not to the level those today who appear to be experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect. They remember her with a totally blank expression, with absolutely no hint of a smile at all. Looking at her today shows she definitely is smiling, the only argument is to what degree.

Some are explaining this by noticing our brains interpret things differently as we age. Facial recognition is a crucial life skill which develops more as we get older. The thinking is we see a blank expression when we are younger because we haven't "tuned in" enought to recognise her subtle smile. Or, they have been looking at the two different mona lisas (which were painted 11 years apart) without realising it.

In any case, Leonardo wasn't hailed as a genius for nothing.

Historical Events  Geography

In line with Orion?

Many people remember the layout of the Pyramids to be in the same pattern as the Orion constellation, with the two larger ones being offset slightly by the smaller one, the same way the stars appear. However, not only does that not seem to be the case any more, but some are claiming the two largest ones have swapped places from the positions they recall. Is this the largest man made object to be affected Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

People also remember the central pyramid to be the largest one, and point to it's name as "The Great Pyramid" as reflecting that. Even more confusingly, some are claiming the Sphinx has moved from how they remember. 

Historical Events  Brands
Gortons Fish Products

1849 is a long time ago

MMDE: Gordons fish products

Current: Gortons fish products

Some people are claiming the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect has happened to them with respect to Gortons Fish Products.

They swear the name was always "Gordons" and has changed everywhere since.

There is plenty of evidence for "Gordons", but all the offical references are for "Gortons".

"Trust the Gordons Fishermen" is a slogan familiar to many, but those many apparently have it wrong now. 

Historical Events  Music

Was that line always there at the end?

MMDE: Ends with "... of the world"

Current: Does not end with "... of the world"

Many people remember the ending of the famous Queen song "We are the champions" as "...of the world".

Video of Queen singing this line live does exist, but today you'll not find it on any of their records, and it apparently never was. It's not that the line isn't in the song at all, because that's how a few renditions of the chorus ends during it.

The controversy is the fact it seems to stop abruptly where it would naturally appear again, right at the end of the song.

Hardcore Queen fans are claiming it never was there at the end, but those saying it is a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are saying they are just experiencing a timeline in which that was the case, as would be the answer if you spoke to the original studio engineers.

Historical Events  Books

How were you taught how to spell "dilemma"?

MMDE: Dilemna

Current: Dilemma

Everywhere today the spelling is "dilemma", yet many people still use "dilemna" claiming that's the way they were taught it in school.

There is even a website dedicated to this specific instance of the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect - it's at

Could this be a side effect of the pronunciation?

There is also evidence this discrepancy could be related to the age or the country the speaker is from. In the UK nearly everyone just knows it as "Dilemma" and doesn't even know there is an alternative, yet those claiming otherwise seem to be from the US. 

Historical Events  Science
Bolton Dinosaur

Vanished overnight

MMDE: There was a huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's

Current: There was no huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's

In the 23 Jan 2006 edition of the The Bolton News, an appeal is made for information relating to a missing dinosaur. No, this isn't the plot to an old Disney kids movie, but apparently another Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

Many people visiting the museum in the 1960's remember being impressed by a huge dinosaur skeleton. They even remember where it was - in the museum entrance.

Yet no records of this exist and museum staff are equally baffled.

The leader of the council, Alan Rushton, lends credibility to the story by being one of those who definitely remembers it:

Am I supposed to accept that my eyes deceived me, or this enormous dinosaur was a figment of my imagination? I remember as a schoolboy going on visits to the museum and standing in awe, looking at it. I raised the matter when I was on the arts committee but we were never able to find any trace of it.

Historical Events  Religion
The Lion and the Lamb

Isaiah 11:6: What shall lie down with the lamb? 

MMDE: The lion

Current: The wolf

Many people are claiming the bible said the lion shall lay down with the lamb, whereas today that appears to have been changed to a wolf.

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them

Cynics are saying this only goes to show Christians don't actually read the bible in detail. Many would certainly disagree, but the actual line, whilst mentioning a lion, does plant an image in the mind which could end up being a lion and a lamb lying down together, and so triggering a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.