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Yabba Dabba Doo!

MMDE: The Flinstones

Current: The Flintstones

Everyone over a certain age knows and loves the Flintstones - but does everyone call Fred, Wilma, Barney and the gang "The Flintstones" or "The Flinstones" with a missing "t"? Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect see the latter.

There is always the danger of a straightforward misreading of these type of situations. There's a clear reason for the spelling with the "t" included in this case - the show is about cavemen, who used flint stones. Those who didn't make that connection might also have not paid attention to the actual spelling, and so only think something is different now they actually concentrate on it.

Various reports vary from those who "definitley" remember it without the "t" to those who claim it has switched back and forwards between the two. 

Historical Events  Brands
Jif peanut butter

Was it ever called "Jiffy" peanut butter?

MMDE: Jiffy peanut butter

Current: Jif peanut butter

Many people swear the popular peanut butter brand we see today as "Jif" was once called "Jiffy". They appear to be experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

It is also very famous as the top ingredient in what is widely known as a "Jiffy" burger sold today in many cafes and burger joints throughout the country.

Originally introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1955, the product even had a tagline which supports the original name: "Choosy Moms Choose Jif".

This is one where there could be a straightforward explanation. There is another well known peanut butter brand called "Skippy" peanut butter, so it's not too hard a stretch to see the two blurring into one in peoples memories of a generic peanut butter brand from the past.

Historical Events  Brands
Skechers footwear

Pronounced the same

MMDE: Sketchers

Current: Skechers

Search for "Skechers" footwear today and you'll find that's the spelling of all the references to the popular brand. However, those who are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it used to be spelled as "Sketchers".

There are one or two references to the "Sketchers" spelling, but because most people would pronounce both versions the same, they could be just thinking the real English word "Sketchers" must be the correct one and have unconsciously fixed the spelling in their heads.

There are also exist genuine typos such as here and here, which is understandable with the pronunciation being the same. 

Historical Events  Brands

There really never was  a product called "Febreeze"?

MMDE: Febreeze

Current: Febreze

Some people are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect with the popular Procter & Gamble air freshener introduced in 1995.

Today, all references are to "Febreze", but many have alternate memories of it being Febreeze".

The name "Febreeze" would fit better because it's an air freshener and we all like to think of Fresh Breezes in this way, so a using the full "breeze" in the name is appropriate.

There are several references to "Febreeze" on the internet - for example, an instructable on how to make your own, but this could just be people recalling the name without actually double checking the spelling.

Historical Events  TV
Sex and the City

The notorious "in/and" debate

MMDE: Sex in the City

Current: Sex and the City

Was the TV series from 1998 onwards called "Sex AND the City" or "Sex IN the City"?

Look it up today, and you'll see "Sex and the City" everywhere, but those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect remember it as "Sex in the City".

There are quite a few references to "Sex in the City" too, including the awards ceremony shown in this video.

This could be another simple slurring of the connecting term however, as in the "Interview with/a Vampire" MMDE. If you say either "Sex in the City" or "Sex and the City" often enough (or quickly) it just becomes "Sex n the City", and this is what could then become lodged in the mind as its actual name. 

Historical Events  Brands
Ford logo

One little curl

MMDE: No "pigtail" swirl on the F

Current: Has a "pigtail" swirl on the F

Everyone is familiar with the Ford Motor Co. logo, but some remember there never being a curly "pig tail" swirl in the capital F which is seen today.

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are sure it was never there, yet all references and images today show it has been present since 1912.

However, a few instances of the logo without this swirl have been found.

Supposedly, the logo is based on Henry Fords own signature, but no surviving images of that show this little embellishment.

Historical Events  Movies

When ET first learns to speak: Swapped the famous line around?

MMDE: ET phone home

Current: ET home phone

Is the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect at work in the famous Spielberg movie ET?

Some are saying when our little green friend first learned to speak, he actually said "ET home phone" and not the line everyone knows, "ET phone home".

However, of all the MMDE's being reported, this has probably the clearest explanation yet.

The line is swapped round once, in the movie, the first time he says it. From then on, the order is correct and the way everyone remembers it. Furthermore, it is only said the correct ("phone home") way in the trailers, which will also play a large part in what people remember about the movie.