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Fruit Loops

Fruit -> Froot -> Fruit

MMDE: Fruit Loops

Current: Froot Loops

This one appears to keep changing!

Wikipedia (currently) says the popular Kelloggs breakfast cereal was launched in 1962 as "Froot Loops". 

Several people have seen references to "Fruit Loops" and there is some evidence of this on the web. This could be explained by Kelloggs themselves changing the branding so the "OO" is styled in the form of the cereal if it was the other way round, but that's not the direction it went - the "OO" was supposed to always have been there, and the "Fruit" spelling the one it changed to, for many people.

Things gets stranger when reports come in of it changing back again!

Historical Events  TV
Looney Tunes

That's not quite all folks!

MMDE: Looney Toons

Current: Looney Tunes

Everyone over a certain age remembers the Warner Bros cartoons growing up - Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all their chums.

About the most iconic memory is the closing sequence with its famous little fanfare and the message "That's all folks!" - but did it say "Looney Tunes" above that or "Looney Toons"?

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim the original was "Looney Toons" and it has since changed to "Looney Tunes".

There is support for both ways - Warner also had "Merrie Melodies", showing the way both were connected to music, but also they were carTOONS which also fits.

Historical Events  Brands


MMDE: Depends

Current: Depend

Everyone remembers this brand name as "Depends", yet when you see it today it is the singular "Depend".

Searching the internet throws up several references, and images, of the "remembered" name.

One explanation could be the phrase used in common language has become ingrained to such a level it is taken as the real name. For example, one would usually say "I am just going out to buy some Depends" even if the brand name is the singular "Depend". Repeating this often enough could lead to the word "Depends" being used in all circumstances, including remembering what the actual brand name is. 

Historical Events  Movies
Wizard of Oz Scarecrow has gun

Many people swear he didn't

MMDE: The scarecrow didn't have a gun

Current: The scarecrow had a gun

Watch the Wizard of Oz today and you clearly see the Scarecrow brandishing a modern Magnum 357, painted silver.

Did he have this in the original? It's pretty prominent now, and clearly doesn't appear as just a quick glimpse which might be hard to spot.

Although many are sure he didn't, there may be an explanation for this particular Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect. The original 1939 film reel was stored incorrectly and subject to damage over time. Since then, several restoration attempts have been made resulting in different cuts. It's possible these cuts contained different scenes, including the Scarecrows gun. It would fit the story if he had one, because the other characters are all armed, and at that point in the plot are preparing to fight, or defend themselves.

Historical Events  People
Kennedy Assassination

Who did it?

The Kennedy assassination is the subject of one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time.

That fateful day in Dallas, 1963 when live television caught the presidents death in the open topped motorcade is, for good or bad, one of the iconic events of the 20th century. Countless theories ranging from him wanting to escape the privately owned Federal Reserves monopoly on lending money to the US government with interest, to the mafia and right through to aliens have been in circulation ever since.

The actual shooting was filmed. For years, the hunt has been on for the "man behind the grassy knoll" by conspiracy theorists who don't buy the official story that Lee Harvey Oswald fired from a warehouse.

But does the video itself now show something not present at the time?

Historical Events  Movies
Star Wars

The Force is strong in this one

MMDE: Luke, I am your father

Current: No, I am your father

Star Wars is actually subject to a few Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects. The one discussed here concerns the famous line Darth Vader uses in Episode V when he tells Luke he is his father. In the original, did he say "Luke, I am your father" or "No, I am your father"? 

Many remember it as "Luke...", and that is the way it's been recorded in a few forms including a TV chat show with the voice of Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones.

The problem is that all available versions of the movie show it as "No...". A small difference, but related to the whole Star Wars plot itself.

Historical Events  Movies
Mirror mirror

Did the movie change the line?

MMDE: Mirror, mirror

Current: Magic mirror

Pretty much everyone remembers the quote from Disneys 1937 classic "Snow White" as "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." but in the movie the line is actually "Magic mirror on the wall...".

It's referenced as "Mirror, mirror" in many places too - such as the Shrek movie, and there is even a movie actually titled "Mirror, mirror" too.

There could be an explanation for this one, however.

The movie Snow White was based on is the earlier Brothers Grimm fairy tale book in which it actually is written "Mirror, mirror...", so this line would have already been in the public consciousness by then, and Disney changing it at the time might not have been noticed.