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Historical Events  People
Tiananmen Tank Boy

What did the tank do?

MMDE: The tanks ran him over

Current: The tank did not run him over

The famous Tank Boy, also known as the Unknown Protester or Unknown Rebel, is the name given to the guy who stood up to the row of tanks advancing down Tiananmen Square in June 1989 just after the Tiananmen Square protests had been suppressed by the Chinese Government. This incident was shown globally at the time on TV, and images of his stance are firmly etched in everyone's memory who saw this at the time.

What is is doubt is what happened afterwards - those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim he was run over by one of them, yet others claim it danced from side to side before as he also moved in front of it before giving up and just stopping there.

Videos of either event are not to be found today - this is China, after all - yet those who remember him dying claim it was one of the most disturbing things they ever saw. How could such a memory be false?

Historical Events  Art
The Horns of Moses

Do you remember Moses having horns?

MMDE: Art featuring Moses shows he does not have horns

Current: Art featuring Moses shows he has horns

Most art today, such as classical paintings and statues, shows Moses sporting a pair of horns. Not everyone remembers this, and those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect distinctly recall him never having done so, yet when you search the internet for  "Moses Horns" you see it apparently has always been the case.

Not all modern day depictions of Moses show him with horns - Charlton Heston would have looked distinctly odd had he done so in his 1956 blockbuster "The Ten Commandments".

There could be a mundane explanation for all this though - one that even Michelangelo himself fell victim too when he sculpted The Moses in 1513.

The problem was mis-translation in the Old Testament of Moses having the Hebrew word "keren", which was meant to mean rays of light, as in a glow, but may have been translated as "horns". The subsequent artists then took this literally... 

Historical Events  Movies
Hello, Clarice

The Silence of the movie quote

MMDE: Hannibal says "Hello, Clarice"

Current: Hannibal does not say "Hello, Clarice"

Watch Silence of the Lambs today, and in the scene where Hannibal Lecter first meets Clarice, many people think he says "Hello, Clarice" from behind the glass wall of his cell.

Today, all he says is "Good morning". So where did all these references come from? There are dozens, from parody speeches, refs in sitcoms, comics - you don't have to search too hard to find them.

Even Anthony Hopkins himself said he was amused by the "Lecter-isms" surrounding the character after the film - catchy phrases which became a meme, of which "Hello, Clarice" is one.

Whatever the reason, this seems a very popular example of the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect we can all get our teeth into.

Historical Events  People
Billy Graham

Billy Graham "died" twice before 2018?

MMDE: Billy Graham's funeral was shown on TV many years before 2018

Current: Billy Graham's funeral was not shown on TV many years before 2018

There are many MMDE's relating to people who are supposed to have died years ago. The famous TV evangelical preacher, Billy Graham, is very well known to Americans and further afield across the world. Some people remember him dying way before 2016 before they heade he actually died in 2016. Then, they became seriously confused in 2018 when they heard he died again.

There are those who swear they watched his pre-2016 funeral on TV, and can remember every detail such as what channel it was on, which ex-Presidents attended and so on. This MMDE is very prevalent - in some ways more than the Mandela Effect. It is even detailed that he died a few weeks after Ted Kennedy. Many people swear they remember his funeral, yet know full well Nelson Mandela didn't die in the 1980's in prison.

Billy Graham was still giving sermons into his 90's, so he'd certainly have had something to say about those who say he was dead when he was giving them.

Historical Events  People
Fidel Castro

He's dead again?

MMDE: Fidel Castro died way before 2016

Current: Fidel Castro died in 2016

The dictator Fidel Castro died in November 2016. Many people claim to remember him dying long before that - are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect? If so, it's rather ironic that the popular name for this is the Mandela Effect:  but for a quirk of historical timing, we could all be talking about the Castro Effect.

In any case, there are a few reports of his death coming as a surprise to people who thought he was already dead.

Being such a controversial figure, it's no surprise his every action be shrouded in mystery. He was the subject of multiple assassination attempts. At one point it's known he was very ill and a body double was used. The media may also have lied about his death in the past. Nevertheless, November 2016 seems to be the final one ... until the next time.

Historical Events  Brands
The Monopoly Mans Monocle

Did the Monopoly Man really never wear a monocle?

MMDE: The Monopoly man had a monocle

Current: The Monopoly man did not have a monocle

Is there a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect at work on the most famous board game in the world?

When most people picture the man in the logo, they often recall him wearing a monocle, and claim it's always been that way since his introduction in 1935.

Several references to him wearing one exist - see the video for some newspaper articles regarding this.

Some people are claiming he was wearing one only on some of the cards he appeared on, and not on the box or in any of the ads. 

Next time you meet someone unaware of the effect, ask them to describe him - you may well be very suprised to see how widespread this one is!

Historical Events  Movies
You say tomato

No sunglasses in the dance scene?

MMDE: Tom Cruise wore sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

Current: Tom Cruise did not wear sunglasses in the Risky Business dance scene

Tom Cruise wore RayBans throughout the 80's movie Risky Business ... but not in the famous dance scene? It's the film which made him famous, and he's particularly well-known for the solo dance scene in question. So how come so many people get a trademark part of it wrong?

Those experiencing the Mandela Effect claim he definitely wore sunglasses in the scene, but if you watch the movie today he didn't.

This is one where there are many references in the form of parodies, homages and tributes - where all of them are wearing the trademark sunglasses. The photos of Tom in the covers advertising the movie all show them, so could every single one of these just have misremembered this, having had the image of him wearing them throughout planted in their memories?