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Interview with the Vampire

One little word

MMDE: Interview with a Vampire

Current: Interview with the Vampire

The Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect applies to the 1976 novel by Anne Rice which was later made into a Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Was it originally called "Interview with A Vampire" or "Interview with THE Vampire"? All references today show the latter, but many people are claiming the former.

The German version is still titled "Interview mit einem Vampir (Interview with a vampire)", so at least we have concrete evience today of there being an actual discrepancy. 

One supporting argument is that there are many vampires in the story, so theres no special reason to just single one out as the "the" version seems to.

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Berenstein/Berenstain Bears

Can we settle on Berenst#in?

MMDE: Berenstein Bears

Current: Berenstain Bears

Today, everywhere you look you see The Berenstain Bears are spelt that way - BerenstAin. Many people, however, are insistent that it was originally spelt BerentEin, so we have another Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect to consider.

For those wondering what the heck this is all about - never mind how they are spelt - The Berenstain Bears is a set of children's books originating in the early 1960's from Stan and Jan Berenstain.

The books became so popular that two TV series were launched, along with a range of merchandise and product licencing deals. Mike Berenstain took full authorship in 2012 following his father, Jan's, death.

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Nelson Mandela

The reason for the "Mandela Effect" term

MMDE: Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980's

Current: Nelson Mandela died in 2013

When Nelson Mandela's death in 2013 was announced some people were surprised. This is because they were sure he'd already died, and they even seem to remember where and when - in prison in the late 1980s. Individual people would have normally just dismissed this as something they didn't quite remember correctly. Maybe they misheard it wrong, or maybe it was someone else who died and for some reason they were sure it was Nelson.

Then - somehow - this notion started getting discussed on the internet and this began a stream of "me, too!" type responses. Once this number became too big to ignore, and those experiencing it were not just dismissing it as faulty memory, we had what became known as The Mandela Effect.