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05 Apr 2020
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Historical Events  Music
Janis Joplin

Did she really look like that?

MMDE: Ordinary appearance

Current: Very attractive appearance

Some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are claiming the images you see today of Janis Joplin are nothing like they way they were back when she was at the height of her career.

Best known for her amazing singing combined with a tragic life of drink and drugs, the images of the day reflected this. She wasn't known as any kind of sex symbol, and certainly not for any nude photos of the kind which have surfaced recently.

Those near to her claim she was often "up and down" with the substances, and so any pictures of her would just catch her as she was on that day, including her weight which is also claimed to show her today very differently to back then. And that's without taking another piece of her heart...

Historical Events  Music

What are we gathered here for?

MMDE: Dearly beloved - we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life.

Current: Dearly beloved - we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.

What exactly were the lyrics in the famous Prince song "Let's Go Crazy?"

The point of the song is totally different with this change - one is optimistic and upbeat, the celebration many remember, and the other more pessimistic and downbeat. A few references to "celebrate" exist today, but most including the song are "get through". It all could just be a deliberate play on words, because we all remember being "gathered here to celebrate" weddings, and at funerals "..not to mourn, but celebrate", so this is the impression we have when not paying full attention first time round. 

Historical Events  Science
Razzle Dazzle Ships

You'd never forget seeing a Razzle Dazzle ship

MMDE: Razzle Dazzle ships are not well known

Current: Razzle Dazzle ships are well known

Sometimes the Mandela Effect can work in reverse. This is where suddenly something appears which no-one can remember, yet by it's nature many people should.

The Razzle Dazzle Ships are a good example, where very distinctive black and white striped camouflage was used on WW1 battleships. Once seen, never forgotten - so why have so few people even heard of them?

Razzle Dazzle was the term given to the camouflage where the intent wasn't to hide the target - that's not possible for a ship - but to obscure it's size and the direction it's travelling in from a distance. The point was to confuse submarines of the day who needed to anticipate the speed and direction of a vessel. The torpedoes had to be fired ahead of the target's position in order to succeed. There were no automatic guidance systems available back then.

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim a whole batch of images suddenly appeared on the internet, yet no-one can remember these playing any part when it's claimed they did, nor featuring in any historical accounts of naval warfare at the time.

Historical Events  TV
The Young Ones

Spooky silent extra room mate

Those of a certain age, mainly in the UK, will remember the anarchic "Young Ones" TV show. Sharing the student house were Vyvyan, Rick, Neil and Mike. Right? Well ... perhaps a borderline Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, but there was actually a 5th character who appeared in every episode of series 1 and wasn't ever credited, had no speaking part and was never involved in any story line.

This could all just be a big in-joke and nothing to do with memories being different - watching it now, it's pretty easy to see how this character could be missed.

Sadly Rick Mayall passed away far too young, but you can just imagine him and the gang having the last laugh at all this fuss, even though they aren't young ones any more...

Historical Events  People
Lincoln Memorial clenched fist

Was Abe's fist always clenched?

MMDE: Both hands resting over edge of chair arms

Current: Left hand is a clenched fist

The iconic Lincoln Memorial is instantly recognised the world over. Was Abe resting his left hand over the arm of his chair, or clenching his fist?

Some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim it was just like his right hand, resting over the end, and say a clenched fist this way doesn't fit with the feel for how a statue of Lincoln would have been designed.

This isn't the first time a statue has "changed" - see also Moses Horns and The Thinker.

Some references exist, such as drawings etc, which show both hands in the same pose. Then again, nothing in these things was done by accident, and he did abolish slavery...

Historical Events  General
September 22/23

Is there something odd with September 22/23?

On September 22, 2011 there was a strange announcement from CERN - an experiment had apparently violated Einsteins theory of relativity. It was later stated that equipment failure produced these results, but that hasn't made those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect stop thinking all is normal.

There are reports that events on these two dates "smear" or "swap" between them, so things which were remembered to have happened on one are recorded as happening on the other, and vice versa.

These reports don't apply to just one year, but every year on these dates since the CERN experiment.

In itself there appears to be nothing special regarding September 22/23 - it's only the number of date-shifted reports by just one day which jump out as being unusual. Is it the day some mysterious reality-manipulation change is triggered?

Historical Events  Movies
The Grinch

He spoils the children's Christmas

MMDE: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Current: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Remember the 2000 movie "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", with Jim Carrey playing the miserable fun-hating grump who took all the children's Christmas presents the night before Christmas? That's odd, because it wasn't called that, in fact everywhere you look now you find it's called "How the Grinch Stole Christmas".

Those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect (aka Mandela Effect) with this one were probably children when it came out, and so might not have worried too much about it's exact title. Only now, years later, with it somehow misquoted over the years do they look closer and realise the mistake.

Or is there more to this, and the Grinch can mess with more than just the fun children have at Christmas?