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Historical Events  People
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee died the same way as Brandon?

MMDE: Bruce Lee died after being shot on set

Current: Bruce Lee died in his sleep 

There is much mystery surrounding the untimely death of Bruce Lee in 1973.

Some remember him taking a headache tablet, going for a lie down to sleep it off and never waking up. Others remember reports of cannabis being found in his body after the autopsy. Some, however, remember him being shot on set and dying from this injury, which is a macabre co-incidence because that's the way his son, Brandon Lee, died 20 years later. There are no reports of this today - are they experiencing false memories?

As time went by this could be just people not really paying attention to the names and details, so confusing Bruce/Brandon.

He died during the filming of "Game of Death", where there is a scene where he gets shot - could this have added to this MMDE too?

Historical Events  Movies
Walt Disney

Didn't she write with her wand?

MMDE: 90's Disney opening sequence shows Tinkerbell writing with her wand

Current: 90's Disney opening sequence doesn't show Tinkerbell writing with her wand

The introduction to the Disney movies featured a slick animation of fireworks around the iconic castle, all accompanied by the majestic sweeping musical score. Many remember Tinkerbell, the little magical fairy named after the sound of her voice, flying round it and waving her wand at the end, conjuring up the famous Disney logo.

Apparently, however, this never happened, and it's a shooting star which is seen in the animation today. Those who remember Tinkerbell with her wand this way could be experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, because there is no evidence of it ever happening.

Historical Events  Movies
Fly my pretties fly

What does the Witch cry when she releases the monkeys?

MMDE: Fly My Pretties, Fly!

Current: Fly, Fly, Fly!

Where on earth did the phrase "Fly my pretties, fly!" come from if it wasn't in the Wizard of Oz? Many people remember the wicked witch saying this as she released her flying monkeys. The problem is, if they do remember it being in the movie they are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, because no reference to it today can be found there.

The Wizard of Oz gets the prize for the most Mandela Effects in one movie, some of which are documented here, here and here.

The phrase "Fly my pretties, fly!" is very well-known and there are many references to be found in popular culture and the internet, ranging from The Simpsons to rock bands.

The witch does call Dorothy "My Pretty", but that's about the only remaining connection to the phrase, and seems a stretch to associate it with releasing flying monkeys.

Historical Events  Science
Space Shuttle Challenger

Challenger explosion date?

MMDE: 1984

Current: 1986

Some people remember the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurring some time before 1986 - are they experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

Even weirder are the reports the astronauts are still alive.

Many of those who remember it exploding earlier think it happened in 1984.

NBC even ran a piece back in 2011 about people misremembering the date.

The cause was determined to be a seal which wasn't tested for cold winter temperatures, but even that's being questioned because the ones who remember it as 1984 also remember it being in the summer. 

Historical Events  Art
Last supper


It's almost as if there's a code in there

Da Vinci's Last Supper is one of the most famous paintings of all time. Depicting Jesus and his Disciples breaking bread on that iconic evening, some have noticed a couple of odd things which sound like they came right out of a Tom Hanks movie.

First, there's no chalice on the table. Surely this would be present - it's the central part of the whole piece, where Jesus told them to drink from it to remember him.

The other odd thing are the glasses themselves. Painted around 1495, those drinking glasses appear to be the fine cut glass types you get from a modern glassware store, and not the crude goblets normally associated with the tableware of the day.

Other renderings of the last supper always place the chalice front and central. Some are saying they remember it as being the case with Da Vinci's work - are they experiencing the Mandela Effect?

Historical Events  Movies
The Matrix

Morpheus famous Matrix quote:

MMDE: Morpheus says to Neo "What if I told you..."

Current: Morpheus does not say to Neo "What if I told you..."

Some Mass Memory Discrepancy Effects are more like memes than actual Mandela Effects. "Beam me up Scotty" is at one end, where everyone knows it wasn't actually said by Kirk in Star Trek. At the other end there are the Forrest Gump "life is/was like a box of chocolates" quotes, where it's quite a shock to discover they had misremembered it. Somewhere in between there are plenty of others, such as The Matrix line "What if I told you..."

Many people remember this being said by Morpheus when he first met Neo, in particular during the "blue pill red pill" scene.

It certainly is an internet meme now, with the familar Morpheus image headed by "What if I told you.." and something suitably witty or topical, as added by some online meme image generator.

But actually in the movie? What if I told you it never was?

Historical Events  People
Eisenhower Dime

Call me "Ike"

MMDE:Eisenhower was on the 10 cent dime

Current::Eisenhower was not on the 10 cent dime

Searches today for "Eisenhower Dime" return many results, from people asking how much a 1960's one is worth to when he first appeared. All this is a huge signal that the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect is at work, because he never appeared on one.

Eisenhower was on the dollar for a while in the 1970's, which could be contributing to this as people do remember seeing him on some coin, but not exactly remembering which one.

In 1946 when the Dime was redesigned, Eisenhower was still Chief of Staff of the army (1945-1948), so if he ever was it would have to have been after then because a Chief of Staff would not make it - but a president would.

Guess we have to wait for one to turn up to disprove this one - if it ever did, what would it be worth?