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Historical Events  People
Queen Elizabeth II

"Enjoy your last Christmas?"

MMDE: She said "a great supernatural evil was sweeping across Europe, greater than her own"

Current: She did not say "a great supernatural evil was sweeping across Europe, greater than her own"

Some people claim to remember Queen Elizabeth's 2015 Christmas message as being very disturbing. The trouble is there's no record of it around today, so those who remember it could be experiencing an MMDE.

Apparently she said "a great supernatural evil was sweeping across Europe, greater than her own', and she hoped everyone would enjoy this Christmas because it would be their last.

The cameramen who videoed this said she began with her remorse over The Princess of Wales' death and said 'we did what we had to do to protect ourselves as a family'. They understood her to be speaking about Diana's death, but that part wasn't in the video.

Since we're all here to read this, clearly the Christmas of 2015 wasn't our last ... in this time line.

Historical Events  Movies
Houston we have a problem

In fact we have a double problem

MMDE: Houston, we have a problem

Current: Houston, we've had a problem

It's not often you come across a Mandela Effect as complicated as this one.

The issue is around the phrase "Houston, we have a problem".

It was first heard in 1970 in the audio recording of the moon mission of that year, when the astronauts were telling NASA about the explosion on their spacecraft. Some claim it was in fact "Houston, we've had a problem." So far so good ... but then the movie of this event, Apollo 13, was made in 1995 starring Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon. Some people are not only saying it changed in the movie but it actually changed back again - "flip flopped" - as it's been described. Then, some are claiming the original audio flip flopped too.

It's an iconic phrase to which many references can easily be found. Plus, it's our old friend Tom Hanks featuring in yet another MMDE.

Historical Events  Movies
Buffalo Bill

What does it do to the lotion?

MMDE: It puts the lotion on its skin

Current: It rubs the lotion on its skin

Here's the second Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect from the Silence of the Lambs - the first is the line "Hello, Clarice".

When Buffalo Bill was giving his sinister instructions to his trapped victim, did he say "It puts the lotion on its skin" or "It rubs the lotion on its skin"? Many remember it as "puts", and there are a lot of refences to this including the usual Family GuySouth Park and even an Eminem song. In fact, watching it today shows it is "It rubs the lotion on its skin".

Bill did tell her to put the lotion in the basket - could this be what people are mixing it up with?

Historical Events  Brands
Cap'n Crunch

How was it spelled?

MMDE: Captain Crunch

Current: Cap'n Crunch

Here's another one on very shaky ground for the usual branding reasons. The logic is that companies can invest millions into their product branding knowing how valuable the name becomes once it's just a part of the establishment, so are very unlikely to change it without very good reason.

Some people remember the breakfast cereal seen today as "Cap'n Crunch" being spelled out fully as "Captain Crunch". Are they experiencing an MMDE?

The branding was so popular it spawned copycats such as Admiral Ahoy and Sailor Soup, but if they were really wanted to copy more the argument is they would have also used the apostrophe in the same style.

He's been around since 1963 - which way do you remember it?

Historical Events  Books

'Twas the night before Christmas

"A Visit from St. Nicholas" is the actual name of the 1823 poem popularly known as "The Night Before Christmas".

Do you remember the reindeer names as Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen? If so, you might be experiencing the Mandela Effect, because Donner is in fact Donder and Blitzen is Blixem.

The poem first appeared in New York's Troy Sentinel newspaper on the 23rd of December 1823. Controversy surrounds even the author of the poem, which just serves to add to this mystery. It is acknowledged as being the origins of the modern day Santa story, although vastly different versions of a mystical being visiting in mid-winter had been around for thousands of years at least.

The names for Donder and Blixem are Dutch for "thunder" and "lightning" - could they just have been those all along and changed over the years by English speakers?

Historical Events  Brands

Did the branding change at some point?

The famous reclining chair brand had a great hook in its name - "Lay"-Z-Boy, to show you could lay down in them too. Or did it? Look today, and you'll find the brand is actually "La-Z-Boy". Did it change, or are those who remember the "old" way experiencing the Mandela Effect?

Founded in 1927, the brand has been, so to speak, part of the furniture for generations. This is always worth bearing in mind when dealing with branding changes. The business owners know only too well the value of a well-established brand name, so are unlikely to tinker with it, having invested millions over the years, without a very good reason.

This is another one which could be explained by the fact the pronunciation in both cases is identical, so some writing it down might just mis-spell it and it's that which caught on.

Historical Events  TV
Lee Harvey Oswald

There were two films of him being shot?

The day after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, his alleged murderer, was shot by Jack Ruby in front of the world's press. This is well documented, and everyone knows so because they've seen the film of it. However, some are now saying the film itself has changed from the one they remember, and the one seen today is definitely not the one shown at the time. This raises the question of whether two films were made, or the original has somehow been changed. Is this another MMDE at work?

The problem is the angles are all different from the video some people remember, not the actual action. It's particularly strange because the same is being said of the Kennedy assassination itself. No-one is arguing what is on the films has changed, just the angles they were filmed from. Unless there actually were two separate cameramen, and the "other" film has somehow resurfaced...