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Historical Events  Movies
The river Kwai's bridge

What was the exact title of the film?

MMDE: The bridge over the river Kwai

Current: The bridge on the river Kwai

The famous 1951 movie featuring Alec Guinness, William Holden and Jack Hawkins as POWs in a Japanese camp building a bridge to cross the river Kwai was called "The Bridge over the river Kwai" only if you are experiencing an MMDE. That's because it's actual title today is seen as "The bridge on the river Kwai".

This catches many people out. There is an interesting explanation, but since most of the people it affects would be totally unaware of this, it can probably be discounted. The film is based on the book called Le Pont de la Rivière Kwai, which translates to "The Kwai River Bridge", but that doesn't help clear things up either way. 

Historical Events  Brands
Fruit of the Loom

Missing the horn of plenty

MMDE: Logo has a cornucopia

Current: Logo has no cornucopia

Few people realise the famous "Fruit of the Loom" brand was established in 1851. Many are very familiar with it having worn their underwear at some point in their lives, but what exactly is on the logo?

If you remember a cornucopia - a horn with lots of colorful fruit pouring out of it - you may be experiencing an MMDE, because the logo today doesn't show one. 

There are many references to both versions on the internet. It seems to be an easy one to get those who have never heard of the Mandela Effect with, and are of a certain age, such as parents, who would certainly be familiar with the brand.

Historical Events  Movies
Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Crazy headgear - but what was it exactly?

MMDE: Propellers on their hats

Current: Flags on their hats

Tweedledee and Tweedledum first appeared in a poem by John Byrom, but were made much more famous in Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There - which is of course better known as Alice in Wonderland.

In the Disney Movie of 1951, they clearly have yellow flags on their hats, yet many people remember them as having propellers. There are plenty of references to them on the internet today, including artwork and costumes. Alice in Wonderland is the subject of other MMDE's, which is hardly surprising given the craziness in her world...

Historical Events  People
Franco Columbu

Won the title of Mr. Olympia in 1976 and 1981

MMDE: Franco Columbo

Current: Franco Columbu

A long time friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco has appeared in many shows and films throughout his long career, and there are plenty of references to his name being spelt both Columbu and Columbo.

It can't have gone unnoticed that there was also an incredibly famous TV detective called Columbo seemingly always on TV during this time too. Could this be a simple case of conflation in the public mind of the similar-sounding surnames? Hardcore Columbo fans also know a secret - the detectives first name just happened to be Frank...

Historical Events  TV
Have I Got New For You

Contestants - this is the "Mandela Effect" round

The BBC's long running satirical news show Have I Got News For You featured several Mandela Effects in episode 2 of Series 53, aired on 2 May 2017.

Sparked off by the news the manufacturers of Blue Riband, Nestlé, were relocating, and many people remember it as Blue Ribbon, the contestants were then asked to write down their memory of another well-known Mandela Effect - the KitKat hyphen.

To finish off, the presenter sang the refrain to the song "Free Nelson Mandela".

The mocking tone of the show certainly caught the eye of the Mandela Effect social media community, many of who already had strong opinions on the BBC to begin with...

Historical Events  Brands
Blue Riband

Take the biscuit

MMDE: Blue Ribbon

Current: Blue Riband

Many people remember the biscuit which is today called the Blue Riband as being called the Blue Ribbon. This is even though it was called that from its origin in 1936 by Gray Dunn of Scotland, and has since been managed by Nestlé.

This particular MMDE became famous when the Daily Mail reported people as being in "shock" when news of its production was announced as being moved to Poland. This wasn't why they were surprised - it was because they "had been lied to" their whole life as they were sure it was called the Blue Ribbon bar.

Although the newspaper report has a mocking tone, this is a classic Mandela Effect and those who were being affected by it were not amused at all.

Historical Events  General
Black Tom

The first terrorist attack on US soil was?

MMDE: 9/11

Current: The Statue of Liberty in 1916

Ask people what was the first terrorist attack against the US and you'll hear various answers including 9/11, the 1993 WTC bombing or maybe even Pearl Harbour, but in fact it was a German attack against a munitions supply dump which caused a huge explosion and actually damaged the Statue of Liberty.

Amazingly, only 7 people were killed.

There is no significant memorial of this event - just a small plaque on-site.

It's because of this attack that the torch in the statue is closed off to visitors.

There may be a reason so few people are aware of this. At the time, Woodrow Wilson was running for election and had promised to keep the US out of the war, so news of the attack was suppressed in order for him to not appear to have broken it.