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05 Apr 2020
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Historical Events  Brands
Hellmanns Mayonaise

"Two l's two n's"

Current: Hellmann's Mayonnaise

MMDE: Helman's Mayonnaise

Founded in 1905 when Richard Hellmann emigrated from Vetschau, Germany to New York City and opened a delicatessen where he sold his home made mayonnaise, most households recognise this famous brand. It's for this reason the owners rarely change it once established - especially a change in spelling to the main name.

However, there is a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect concerning this - how exactly was the famous mayonnaise brand spelled?

Some remember it differently to the way it's spelt today, but in different ways. Today we see "Hellmann's", but some remember various permutations such as "Helmann's", "Hellman's" or "Helman's". 

Historical Events  People
Bela Lugosi

Being alive isn't the same as being undead

There are historical examples of Mandela Effect-type events recorded way before even the internet existed. Bela Lugosi, famous for his Dracula role, was actually not considered for his role in Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein because the studio thought he was dead.

Also, as his career sadly faded and no-one had heard of him for a few years before going into hospital, when he came out announcing he was to star in a new film, many people were surprised because they thought he was already dead.

Could this have been the inspiration behind the Bauhaus track?

He finally was buried in 1956 in his beloved Dracula cape, to rest finally in peace. Or was he?

Historical Events  Science
Objects in the rear view mirror

How close are they?

MMDE: Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear

Current: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Is this one related to the Meatloaf song? This warning has been printed on the glass of car wing mirrors for many years. The problem is the wording, for some people, has changed. They remember it as the one in the song, which was "may be" whereas now it's always "closer".

The line from the song doesn't exactly fit - it is actually "Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are", but that's near enough to lodge in people's memories to conflate the two.

Unless they've never heard of the song, of course...

Historical Events  People
Gene Wilders third death

Gene Wilder - died early 2000's, 2012 or 2016?

Many people were surprised to hear of Gene Wilder's death in 2016 because they were sure he died earlier - many thinking it was in 2012, and also many thinking it was in the early 2000's.

Usually with a Mandela Effect, people are shocked when they hear of the person's death but agree on roughly when the first one was, such as Nelson himself supposedly dying in prison in the 1980's. With Gene Wilder, the first one is either, or both, the early 2000's and 2012. 

The internet might play a role in this. Celebrity deaths are often reported as fake news for various reasons. Often these hoaxes are motivated by money - clicks to some website will generate revenue via adverts. For whatever reason, Gene will be sadly missed and no doubt be highly amused if he could see all of this! It's also interesting to wonder if this would have been called The Wilder Effect had Nelson not been involved...

Historical Events  TV
Doctor Who

A Time Lord's conundrum

MMDE: Dr Who

Current: Doctor Who

Ask most people today to write down the name of the famous Time Lord with a blue 60's phone box as his space ship and they'll probably write down "Dr Who", but that's not the way it's been written for at least 40 years - it's "Doctor Who".

The confusion over the name probably comes from the fact that the abbreviation and the full word are pronounced the same, plus the fact the BBC did occasionally refer to the written title as "Dr Who". However, this hasn't been the case since the third Doctor, where the "Dr Who" version was actually used in the credits.

All written references today still show the full word "Doctor" in the titles and logo. After all, this is now a valuable brand for the BBC and must be managed properly. In fact the show holds the world record for the number of episodes made in a sci-fi programme - over 800 and counting. 

Historical Events  Science
1835 Men on moon

Newspaper reports life found on the moon

Back in 1835 there was no Twitter, Facebook or any other kind of online social media - but that's not to say there was no fake news, either.

That summer, the New York Sun published a story claiming life had been found on the moon. It went on to describe in great detail, with elaborate illustrations, the various human-like creatures, animals and plants seen there via the invention of a new, high powered telescope used by John Hershel.

The claims began by describing lush green plains, large oceans, mountains and rivers in an idyllic scenario similar to an unspoilt earth. There were many animals exactly the same as we see here today, such as herds of buffalo, but also exotic creatures like men with wings which were called vespertilio homo (the bat human).

John Hershel is one of astronomies key figures, and at the time really was building a pioneering new giant telescope. When he learned his name was being used as an attempt to give this fake news credibility, he reacted in a similar way anyone prominent today would - with extreme anger. Seems some things never change...

Historical Events  People
The man from Taured

Where on earth was he from?

This story is not your regular MMDE. Usually, that's where a significant group of people remember the same thing which the rest say never happened. There is, however, an instance where several credible witnesses encountered an individual claiming, and presenting hard evidence for, a reality which none of them had encountered. This happened in 1954 and is known as "the man from Taured".

One unusually hot summers day in 1954, a passenger arrived at Tokyos Haneda airport. There was nothing immediately unusual about him - he was middle-aged, bearded, and looked to all intents and purposes exactly like any regular passenger making his way through customs. His passport showed he'd been to the same Tokyo airport before.

The problem was it had been issued from a country called "Taured", which no-one had heard of nor could find on a map.